Fringe 2016-17 Season in Review!

Thank you to everyone who made our 2016-17 such a success including our wonderful directors, actors, technicians, board of directors, and of course, our donors and audience members.  A special shout-out to our construction team Don Lynch, Charlie Bengel, Brady Baudin, Brian Vest, and Kelton Skipper and our  lighting and sound designer Bob Rowand.  Below is a quick look back even as we are making plans for moving forward!

"Old stories. Fresh faces."

Alice's Parlor

Short Plays by Alice and Her Friends

Playwrights: Susan Glaspell, Louise Bryant, Susan Glaspell, Alice Gerstenberg, Rita Creighton Smith, and James M Barrie
Show Coordinator:  Alicia Merel
Directors:  Annie Miners, Deb Kik, Alicia Merel, Rebecca Tomlinson, Karen Leonard, and Richard Grusin
Actors: Rebecca Gleason, Jeanne Tindel, John McDonald, Don Bearden, Bob Rowand, Deborah Jacobson, Mathias Maloff, Morgan Fraga, John Van Norden, Joan Sullivan, Mia Shawn, Marisa Faraldo, Monique Griffin, Diane May, Donna Stabile, Alicia Merel, Karen Grant, Susan Butler, Deborah Snelgrove, Ellen Rickert, Stephanie Miller, and Traci Reynolds
Stage Manager: Cynthia Kemeny
Board Op: Stephen Miller

November 16-20 2016
The Parish Hall at St Paul's Episcopal Church

A Very Lillian Baxter Christmas

With John Vessels and Jay Schwandt
Stage Manager: Alicia Merel

December 20-24 2016
Little Room Jazz Club

"I went back three times!"

Agnes of God by John Pielmeier

Director:  Stephen Kitsakos
Actors:  Kitty Clements, Paula Cabot, and Morgan Fraga
Stage Manager: Cynthia Kemeny
Board Op: Mike Tomes and Deb Kik
Light Design: Ariel J Benjamin* United Scenic Artist 829

January 1-15 and 19-22 2017
The Studios of Key West

"Powerful. A must see."

Cock Talk by Wayne Keller

Director: Pony Charvet
Chaperone: Rebecca Tomlinson
Actors: Don Bearden, Chad Newman, John Reynolds, and Pony Charvet
Stage Manager: Deb Kik
Board Op: Kelton Skipper

February 22-26 2017
SideBar at Aqua Nightclub

"Oh my! So very very funny."

The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

Director: Rebecca Tomlinson
Assistant Director: Annie Miners
Actors: Rebecca Gleason, Mathias Maloff, Lisa Elana Monda,
​                   Arthur Crocker, with William Weinstein on violin
Stage Manager: Cynthia Kemeny
Board Op:  Bob Rowand

March 15-18 and 22-25 2017
The Parish Hall at St Paul's Episcopal Church

"A beautiful and fresh re-telling." 

Conch Republic Re-Visited!

by Monnie O. King and Gayla D. Morgan

Director:  JB McLendon 
Actors: Arthur Crocker, Bernadette Restivo, Mathias Maloff,
                     and Rhett Kalman* (with permission of Actors Equity)
Stage Manager:  Cynthia Kemeny
Board Ops:  Julie Jeffers and Deb Kik

April 20-23 2017
The Studios of Key West

"Hip Hip Hooray! Thank you for telling our story."

Shirley Valentine by Willy Russel

Director: Carole MacCartee
Actor: Vanessa McCaffrey
Stage Manager: Annie Miners
Board Op:  Deb Kik

​May 17-20 and 24-27 2017
The Parish Hall at St Paul's Episcopal Church

"Shirley came to life right before our very eyes!"

Dear Elizabeth by Sarah Ruhl

Director: Rebecca Tomlinson
Actors: Paula Cabot, Andrew Cannady with Denise Nathanson on cello
Stage Manager: Cynthia Kemeny
Board Op:  Alicia Merel

July 26-29 2017
Key West Summer Stage at the Red Barn Theatre

"Smart theater!"