2015-2016 Season:

Fringe Theater Turns FIVE

The Fringe Theater announces it’s FIFTH ANNIVERSARY season. Expect the Un-Expected! with a remarkable season in store for you!  Our fifth season includes: 
Alice’s Parlor II.   Four shimmering plays by Alice Gerstenberg, burgeoning with humor and heart and cast with local luminaries, present stories of love, revenge, and hypocrisy in the lives of early 20th century women. December 2-5 and December 9-12 at the Historic Rectory of St Paul’s Church, 401 Duval.   
Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward.  Novelist Charles and second wife Ruth plan a séance expecting to expose eccentric medium Madame Arcati as a phony. Instead she accidently conjures up Elvira, his deceased and demanding first wife, and things get thoroughly out of hand.  “Sparkling comedy, a classic!”  
January 15-17, Jan. 19-23, and Jan. 26-31 at St. Paul's Parish Hall, 401 Duval located behind the church.
The Lion in Winter by James Goldman. In 1183 an aging King Henry II summons his imprisoned wife Eleanor of Aquitaine and three crown-seeking sons to a reunion to name his successor.  Treachery and deception follow in this dynastic chess game.  “A work of intelligence and astringent wit…” NY Times. 
February 18 -20, Feb. 25-27, and March 3-5 at St Paul’s Church Sanctuary, 401 Duval. 
The Apple Falls by Monnie O. King. We freefall into Pauline’s unreal delusions from the terrifying to the comical as she is overtaken by schizophrenia.  Her bewildered loved ones, disillusioned with traditional care, must navigate the emotional pitfalls of caring for her and preserving their own lives. 
March 23-25, March 30, 31, April 1 and April 6-8 at the Key West Garden Club Pavilion, 1100 Atlantic Blvd. 
CONCH REPUBLIC (The Musical!). The smash hit returns for its riotous fourth year. The rollicking musical tells the tale of the Conchs taking on the Feds, seceding from the U.S. to keep the town open to tourism. A tale so wacky it has to be true! April 21, 22, 23, and 24 at the Key West Theater (Formerly Eaton Street Theater), 512 Eaton Street. 
Season subscriptions will be available in October, or from Fringe Executive Director, Caroline Stover-Sickmen at 305-707-4053 caroline@fringetheater.org. Stay tuned for more Fifth Anniversary celebrations at www.fringetheater.org